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We Are Locally Crafted Salads Serving with all healthy and handpicked ingredients.

We are on a mission to make healthy eating yummy. We have created a healthy salad offering that doesn’t compromise on taste and they are delivered to your doorstep. We are committed to making healthy salads accessible, which is why we serve salads at a reasonable price. Because every family deserves to live a healthier life..

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We support health in all its forms, starting with healthy ingredients our produce arrives fresh daily and at a reasonable price, because every family deserves to live a healthier life. ​

Mexican Rajma Salad​

Boiled Rajam(Kidney beans), corn, cucumber, tomato, 3 types bell pepper, olive oil, coriander leaves, black pepper.

₹ 200


Pasta Salad

Boiled pasta, 3 type bell pepper, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, black olive.


Pasta salad

Chicken Salad

3 type bell pepper, cucumber, boiled chicken, curd, black pepper, salt to taste.


Chicken Salad

Papaya Salad

Papaya, carrot, tomato, chili powder, coriander leaves, olive oil, lemon juice, honey, salt to test, peanut.

₹ 200

Papaya salad

Roasted salad.

3 type bell pepper, baby corn, beet-root, carrot, onion, tomato, olive oil, mayonnaise, black pepper. e


Good salads | Good health

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BYOB - Build Your Own Bowl

Feel free to ask anything from your favorite choices.We are happy to prepare your own personalized salads 🙂

Happy Customers!

"Thank you for making a small but healthy change to my life. I moved to Sobha Palladian a year back where I soon got to know about Ayantika who stirs up these amazing salads. Soon I was ordering every other day and relishing them. During the winters I switch over to Soups which are soul warming and like a complete meal In themselves with some garlic bread. Good Luck Ayantika. I hope you have some new Salad and Soup Receipes up your sleeve. Lots of good wishes dear"

- Mehr Poonawalla, Sobha Palladium, Bangalore.

"Green O salad are excellent, light and healthy at the same time filling. Keep it up."

- Roopa,Sobha Palladium,Bangalore.